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18 Jul Welcome to Tech Shark Global

Hey y’all! Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. By now you probably figured out what we do, and if not, let’s break it down. We are a consumer electronic buyback company that specializes in iPhones. What does that mean? Well, simply put, we buy up any and all of your unused or unwanted iPhones. Got a 4S stashed someplace in your drawer? We’ll take it. Got a 5C that you didn’t keep for too long? We’ll take that too. Or maybe you just got the 6S Plus and have no use for your old iPhone 6 with a cracked screen. Well, you guessed right, just send it on over to us.

Speaking of cracked screens, we don’t just take iPhones in good condition, we take them broken too and we still pay top dollar for them, even if they don’t turn on. No low-balling here at Tech Shark Global, we guarantee it! That’s how much we love the iPhone. What’s in it for you you say? Cash money. Yep, once you go through our online selling process and accept the offer you see on the screen, ship the phone to us (thought we might add that we pay for shipping too), we’ll inspect it, and if everything checks out, we’ll process payment that day! No 48-72 hour processing. No 5-7 days after that till you get your money. Oh, and not to mention, we don’t send gift cards or any nonsense like that. You get cash through PayPal or we cut you a check. It’s totally your choice. Seriously, you have nothing to lose and money to gain.


Now let’s get to the part that you care about. The cash, the dinero, the greenbacks. We will pay you more money than any other competitor’s offer. Believe that. If our online price doesn’t already beat the competition, send us a copy of their quote and we’ll beat it on the spot. That’s not only our commitment to getting as many iPhones as possible, but it’s more so our commitment to serve you, whatever it takes and whatever the cost.


We’re super excited about our launch and plan to grab market share through our generous prices and customer service. That’s really what it’s all about. For all you Android fans, stay tuned because we’ll be expanding our product line as we grow. It’s really all in the economics so who knows; maybe it’ll be sooner rather than later. Before we let you get to selling your iPhone(s), we wanted to let you know how much we value your opinion. We spare no expense to increase the customer service experience from the moment you land on our site to the moment the funds drop in your account. Let us know if there is anything that will increase your satisfaction and if everything’s groovy, let us know that too! This industry, like many others, thrives on positive experiences, so when you have one (because we’re sure you will) give us a shout out! If you need any assistance in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Cheers and happy selling!

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